Amanda Goble
Amanda standing with hands on hips - hair is up, black sweater, rust top, grey skirt.

Movement & Aerial SPECIALIST



Amanda balances a sharp eye for technique with strong encouragement for the development of personal style and expression in her students. In her classes I felt like not only was I learning skills but artistry as well...She is a passionate teacher with tremendous investment in the growth of her students.
— Rebecca Rorick Smith, Tango Teacher

Directing & Collaborating

Physical expression is a through line in my life, as a creator and guide. An adept leader, collaborator, and ensemble member, and I move easily between those roles.


Precise, methodical, always enthusiastic, I’ve taught students of all levels and ages at circus schools, dance schools, and beyond.  With multiple Pilates certifications, I owned Equilibrium Pilates for three years. I’m a former fitness instructor, and am an elevatEd certified Pole teacher. Always honing my approach to the art and science of teaching, I have written curricula and trained and mentored teachers.

My experience includes:  circus, dance, Laban movement analysis, Pilates, fitness, acting, clown, and improv. I encourage technical excellence and unique individual creativity. 


  • Only Child Aerial Theater, Artistic Associate (2014-2015)

  • Paper Doll Militia, Consulting Collaborator (2011-2012)

  • MOTH Aerial Dance, Founding Member (2008-2009)



  • Boston University

  • New England Center for Circus Arts

  • SHOW Circus Studio (also Assistant Executive Director)

  • Aircraft Aerial Arts

  • Westchester Circus Arts

  • Luminzstudio

  • Body & Pole

  • Esh

  • Overhead Aerial Arts

Amanda is a clear and detailed instructor with a commitment to both technical precision and soulful performance. As an instructor, Amanda Goble offers a clear, compelling voice that helps students develop precision and efficiency in their aerial movement. As a choreographer and consultant, she brings a genuine enthusiasm for the creative process and the ability to guide artists in composing new work with both inspiration and meaning.
— Teresa Kochis, Overhead Aerial Arts

coaching Info

Movement & Acting:
Direction and Coaching

Working with physical habits, tapping into creativity and expressivity, and honing clarity for auditions, performance, and presentations. Contact me for more information.

Private Aerial Coaching:

In NYC: Private and duo aerial coaching for select students, with a focus on technique.

Solo Private Lessons: $135/session ($650/session for 5)*
Duo Private Lessons: $160/session ($775/session for 5)*

*Single sessions expire one month after purchase. 5-packs expire 2 months after purchase. Session and package fees are non-refundable.

Private Aerial Coaching:

Coaching aerialists seeking to create or refine an act, level up performance quality, or prepare for a specific performance or competition. Rates vary by situation. Contact me to discuss. 

*Also available to travel for workshops.

Online Aerial Coaching:
Act Assessment

Detailed analysis, notes, feedback on: form, expression, musicality, etc. Additional Skype discussion available as well.

Video Feedback:
$100 for up to 3 minutes of video
$25/min for each additional minute (or increment) above 3
+ Additional Skype coaching:  $50 for 30 minutes

Amanda is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Not only can she look at the skill as a whole, but she breaks it down into its mechanics that make the trick possible. Along with her obvious high skill level, Amanda is great at cleaning up any trick or act. Whenever I created an act this year I always turned to Amanda for help. Amanda’s extensive knowledge and charming personality makes it a pleasure to learn from her.
— Doug Stewart, Cirque Us


Amanda in meathook position on trapeze with dark background, and black top and shorts.
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I have watched acts before and after Amanda’s choreographic help, and there is always a wonderful improvement.
— Caroline Wright, Cirque Du Soleil