Amanda Goble
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Standouts from the large company include Amanda Goble’s youthful and incredulous Hermia.
— Broadway World



As a kid I danced, tumbled, sang, and choreographed my friends. In my teens I painted and listened to loud, angry music yet dreamed of becoming a comedic lounge singer. In college I worked as an editor/writer and futon maker, while earning my B.A. in Philosophy. I auditioned for clown college, but became an aerialist instead, immersing myself in movement and physical storytelling. This led me to acting and comedy - contemporary work and Shakespeare, clown, improv, stand-up, sketch…

When I’m not acting, I can be found designing websites, writing, and teaching. I’m always looking to collaborate and create.

Until NYC, I hadn’t lived in one city for more than five years since childhood. I’ve led a bunch of lives.




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Emotional, funny, and...really, really smart



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